I have always believed that sales is a role nobody aspires to. Growing up if you were to ask mini-Magro what he wanted to do he would have replied “actor”, “cartoonist”, “fashion designer”, “teacher” or “lawyer” yet if you look in the job section on any website or newspaper you will find more sales jobs than any other profession.

At the age of six I found myself in the middle of a seven year custody battle between my divorced parents where to this day I still remember clearly having to choose which parent I liked more in the family law court. During school I changed schools six times (not because I was naughty) then forced to adapt and quickly make new friends.  When I look back over my report cards I find that I was an excellent student when I wanted to apply myself but the common theme was that I “talked too much”.

I studied theater during high school and university which found me in some interesting situations on stage. From acrobatics to cross dressing to performing tied up with a metal chain like a rabid dog… theater forced me out of my comfort zone and challenged me. The instant reward of applause and raving after performance compliments made the next event big and better.

Leaving university I was dazzled by the real world and quickly found myself in a sales opportunity with Foxtel (Australia’s largest pay-television subscription company). In my time in business I have worked in not only sales but also management, training, recruitment, financial remuneration, client relation, charity and culture. This experience in direct selling has been in retail, door to door and business to business.

My passion is being on stage presenting and nothing suited me more than learning and development. Once I joined Learning and Development I have been exposed to a range of exciting clients including financial   (Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank, Jetstar Credit Cards), Telecommunication (Foxtel, Telstra, BigPond) and Energy (Origin Energy).

The training methodology I use based on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (N.L.P.) and Value Based Selling which allows me to model expert behaviour and achieve a peak performance from my audience. I have facilitated this transformational coaching with managers, teams and front line individuals in a 3 or 1 day workshop. I am also familiar with the teachings of Sandler, Cohen & Brown and SPIN Selling.



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