Enough With The Negative Updates!

If you have ever been camping, you would be familiar with the secrets in setting up a camp fire. If you haven’t or have just forgotten… It’s ok, i’ll expose them to you now. It’s all about the fuel .

A fire is as only as strong as the fuel we feed it. We can stoke the fire with wood logs and we can also petroleum/alcoholic liquids.

Now imagine the fire is your mind and your thoughts are the fuel.

There is a growing trend on social media that it is acceptable and even fashionable to post negative social media updates. If you are a negative status updater or a negative tweeter, your fueling your mind with poisonous petroleum.

… but what is so wrong with my negative status updates? I’m only sharing my thoughts, right? Wrong! Your status updates might be costing you mroe then you realise;

By posting your status you are anchoring a negative thought patten. So something negative happens, we post it on the internet, people ‘like’ it or comment and the behaviour is reinforced through significance. This patten will be continually ingrained through the neuro-association we make to this type of update. Eventually thinking negatively becomes an unconscious habit.

Attracts Others
The Law of Attraction states our thoughts attract events in our lives and these comments are a prime example. You might make an update with “i hate Mondays” and within minutes you will have other negative comments about Mondays. These people will acts as negative reinforces and will speed up the behavioural patten and unconscious habit.

Negative Perception To Others
You may get a few people who ‘like’ your status, retweet it or even comment back but what about the perception of the other people who don’t respond. What do they think about your comment? Are their opinion of you changing? People around you may start to believe you are a whinger, a downer, negative or someone who is always has something bad to say. Do you think this will affect your relationships?

Negative Reflection To Self
We all have a version of yourselves which we want the public to believe. Women wear lipstick to make their lips brighter then they are, men look for ways to be masculine and online we have personality traits we want to portray. Now that Facebook has introduced ‘Timeline’ and it is easier to reflect on our online past,  how do you want to be remembered yourself 6-12 months from now?

Lose friends
How long will it take until your friends unsubscribe or even unfriend you? This year i have unsubscribed from over 10 people who are consistent negative influencers.

Boy who cries wolf
Following on from ‘Losing Friends’, your friends may not completely remove you but what if they emotionally disconnect from your updates. You may become ‘the boy who cries wolf’ and with too many negative comments, you may find yourself not having the support network you need because you have been placed in the ‘over dramatic’ bucket.

So before you share a thought, feeling or experience over social media… Ask yourself “what do i want from sharing this?” and “how will others perceive it?”.


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