90 Minutes With Donald Trump

I was recently presented with a opportunity to be gathered around some of the greatest minds of our time at the National Achievers Congress in Sydney.  Donald Trump headlined the three days.

I appreciate that many of you reading were not able to make the event, so below i will share what I learned from the man with a bad hair piece.

Trump As A Presenter

Unlike many of the other speakers who used high energy to engage the audience, Trump stood behind a podium for the majority of the time. No Powerpoint, no visuals on a white board and no notes. How did he do it?

* He was funny and it was natural. No cheap pops and nothing fabricated or irrelevant to the story.

* He was honest. He spoke his mind about his values and beliefs regardless of what others might think. While I can appreciate that he is rich and is able to do as he pleases, there is nothing worse than someone speaking on a topic they do no believe in.

* He was a great story-teller. Our history, culture and religion was passed down each generation through great story tellers and Donald was no different. He showed passion, he emphasised on key points and understood when to pause for effect.

* He was relatable. There is always cultural gaps with international speakers, however; he was able to bridge the gap by attempting to understand them. He did his home work. Trump related to not only the Australian culture but also key issues from the Government that he could weave into his time on stage.

Trump On Success

Donald Trump’s presentation was focused around success and what makes someone successful.

For anyone who has followed Donald Trump’s career you will notice it has been up and down. Many of us are striving for our own idea of success which might relate to wealth creation but it is not limited to just that.
Below are the traits that Donald Trump discussed as keys to being successful;

* Pressure – if you aren’t able to handle pressure then you might need a reality check before you go out on your own. A strong leader is still able to lead under enormous pressure.

* Trust – it is important to hire great people in your business, however; you should never fully trust them. You can open yourself up to horrible people who look to exploit you.

* Love What You Do – because you naturally work harder. If you love what you do then you won’t feel like you are working. Nothing drives me more crazy than the complaining of a Monday morning or the TGIF slogan. Each day is awesome and unique…

* Focus – never give up and never take your eye off the ball. When you are side tracked you can miss a window of opportunity that you will never get back.

* Get People Back – if someone screws you then you need to screw them ten times as hard. If you don’t then people will continue to screw you. Even if you never work with the same person again, others will know that you are a fighter and not to mess with you.

* Think Big – shoot for the stars and if you don’t hit your target then you will still achieve the sky. Focus on the positives in a negative situation and leverage off any positive momentum you have.

* See Yourself As A Winner – and shift any limiting beliefs that you might have about yourself. How can you influence other people to do business with you if you don’t have confidence in yourself?

* Luck – “the harder i work, the luckier i get”.


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