Find Your WHY

Over the last week or two i have been discussing and reading about goals with friends and the greater blogging community. There is a lot of excitement around 2012 as the ‘Year of Change’ which is awesome. I’m all for positive change and people taking it to the next level. There has also been a lot of negativity around setting goals this year because in previous year they’ve easily fallen off the wagon and lost their momentum.

We all know what to do. Exercise, eat right, spend more time with loved ones, save more money, don’t over spend, take up a hobby, enroll into study and/or reduce binge drinking. Does this sound like one of your goals?

I know for a fact that every person reading this can achieve their goals in 2014. You are clear, you are capable, you are motivated and you know exactly what needs to be done.

I also know there will be many barriers that will attempt to halt your progress. You might face;

  • A lack of time
  • A lack of money
  • A lack of technology
  • A lack of education
  • A lack of energy

What we need to appreciate is that these are only resources. If you failed to achieve a goal in 2011, ask yourself “why didn’t i achieve this important goal?”. Your reason is never about a lack of resources but instead without understanding your WHY you failed at being resourceful.

So what is my WHY? Simply put, Your WHY is your ultimate motivator. Your WHY is the root of your goal and without achieving this goal will create immense pain for you or you will miss out on an ultimate pleasure.

So let’s take an example – Your goal maybe to lose weight and you know that you need to make better food choices and exercise. Your job is tiring and you know you shouldn’t eat that candy bar/drink that fizzy drink but it makes you feel good and eases the stress. You also should exercise after work but sometimes you are too tired and you have things waiting for you at home like cooking dinner/cleaning/Facebook comments/favourite television show. At a quick glance does this person seem to have a clearly defined WHY? No… and you can tell because they know what to do but aren’t able to break through their barriers.

Now imagine this person had defined their WHY. If I exercise and/or make better food choices I can be the healthiest i have been in 10 years. I will be able to fit into smaller clothes (which means a new wardrobe), i won’t need to wear baggy clothes and instead i will have complete confidence in my body and can wear more revealing clothing. My friends will not only compliment me but also may ask for my advice.

Would the second story create the ultimate motivator and help the person stay focused on their goals during the toughest of times? Damn straight! If i eat this chocolate i will move further away from looking my best and all the things that come with it.

People often fail because they look to the past rather than into the future. Nobody drives a car using the rear view mirror so why direct your life looking backwards. The past does not equal the future.

The keys to success is to be clear on the result you want to achieve. Your reasons will come first and the answers will come second. To make the most out of 2012, we should;
– Set a S.M.A.R.T goal
– Clearly define WHY you want to achieve this goal
– Understand what pleasure you will gain or what pain you will avoid by achieving this goal.
– Create a Vision Board to keep you clear and focused on your goal


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