Creating A Vision Board

If your learning style is anything like mine then you are stimulated by imagery and visual representations.

A powerful tool in assisting you to achieve your goals is through a Vision Board. A Vision Board is simply a powerful visualization of your goals, dreams and/or desires which you can use to keep you constantly focused. ‘The Secret‘ , International coaches such as Brian Tracey as well as many successful people in life harness ‘The Law of Attraction’ (you attract into your life whatever you think about) and a vision board simply activates it.

What Is My Vision Board

Traditional a vision board will be a collage of images that you want to enter into your life. It may be you want to become, what you want to have, where you want to live, or where you want to vacation or any images to match your life changes.

You can source these images from anywhere including magazines and the internet. Once you have your images, collate them with powerful quotes, phrases or words and place your vision board in a location where you are constantly reminded (bedroom wall, next to your computer, kitchen etc). Whatever you do it has to be personal. This is your visual manifestation of your desires and a constant reminder that they are yours for the taking.

If you are comfortable in using Photoshop, Paint Shop Pro or Windows Paint you may even want to make a digital version and save it as your desktop!

Example Of A Vision Board

The below vision board is an example of a female’s fitness vision board. Carly has combined images of females with toned body (specifically abdomen and buttock) with powerful phrases like “stay on top of your game” and “she’s back and better than ever!”. This vision board is a constant reminder of her desired outcome and why the sacrifices are a must to achieve her outcome;

Vision Board Example

There are also many successful people who have used visual representations and The Laws of Attraction to their advantage.  Pete Brown a natural bodybuilder and personal trainer who recently shared some of his insights in A Healthy You has also used a vision board to assist with his focus. While he focused on “Striated Glutes” he would use phrases like “Shut up and train”, “Its deep inside you”, “Push out your potential” and “Nothing good comes easy” to help break through barriers.

In Jack Canfield‘s book ‘The Success Principles‘ he shares a story on how Jim Carrey followed these methodologies;

As a struggling young comedian trying to make it in the make or break city of Hollywood, Jim Carrey was just about ready to give up his dream of becoming a professional actor and comedian. He had just performed at an open mic session at one of the nightclubs in Los Angeles and had been booed off the stage by his audience. He sat by himself at the top of Mulholand Drive and looked out at the city below him—the city that held his future success or failure. He then pulled out his check book and wrote himself a check for $10 million dollars and made a note on it: “for acting services rendered.” He then carried that check with him in his wallet everywhere he went from that day forward. By 1995, after the success of his blockbuster movies: Ace Ventura: Pet Detective, Dumb and Dumber, and The Mask, his contract price had risen to the price of $20 million dollars.

What will you include on your vision board?


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