Smallest Token Means The World

In my role at work i often travel around Australia and Melbourne in particular is turning into my home away from home. Due to a few events in Melbourne last month, i found myself staying in a hotel that i had never stayed before named Jaspers. A cute place that is convinently located next to the Queen Victoria Markets. It isn’t the most elegant hotel and nor is it a backpackers.

Fast forward a month later.  I have returned to Melbourne and again i am staying at Jaspers. Even though i have been traveling for work since 2008, i find myself surprised for the first time as i check into Jaspers.

After throwing down my posessions and jumping on the bed for a moment, i find an envelope on the dressing table and it is addressed to Mr Magro.

“What on earth was this?” i wondered.

Was it from work? Was there something about my hotel room i needed to know about? Was there an unpaid charge from my last stay? I honestly had no idea.

I opened it up to find a card but it wasn’t my birthday.

What i found was this;


I have stayed at many hotels and they all have their loyality programs but this is the first time that a hotel has really built some loyality with me. I’m a valued customer.

They didn’t need to offer me a free night once i accumulated the approperiate amount of points, i wasn’t being bought with a complimentry breakfast…

A 40 cent card with 20 seconds of the managers time to personalise the card was all it took for me to have a positive impression of them. In an age where retailers fear online shopping will send them bankrupt, here is a company which has made a concious effort to create a satified buyer.

If you are in an industry where you deal with customers on a daily basis, reflect on how you interact with your customers. What can you do to stand out and be memorable?

If you are struggling for ideas i will give you a few;

  • Ask for your customers name and use it throughout the conversation
  • Remember customer past orders
  • Offer your customers a drink of water, tea or coffee
  • Be prompt in acknowledging them
  • Provide an inexpensive item as something for nothing
  • Put in a little extra

There are many ways which you can stand out. Remember that is always harder to attract a new customer then it is to upsell an existing customer. If you are sales driven or looking to achieve your budget you should first look at your existing customer base.


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