You Didn’t Fail


I probably had one of my most embarrassing moments of 2011 occur two weeks ago. It was something I wasn’t proud of and it easily could be perceived as failure. After all this effort with University this semester, I forgot my exam. That’s right… I forgot my exam.

How did this happen?

During the month of June I was flying all around Australia for work. I was cramming notes, spending time on my assignment rather then heading out and exploring but in the hype of work, I landed back in Sydney hours after the exam was over. It slipped my mind. I couldn’t believe it. Not to mention that I had to move house in the small amount of time I was in Sydney prior to the exam. All this time, effort, money and to simply miss your exam is just embarrassing.

I’m expecting a letter from University for my overall score for the unit and while it is going to have an F for failure, I never failed.

Failure is to not learn from your mistake and failure is not getting up when you have been knocked down.

So what did I learn?

Well firstly I learnt a lot about the foundations of marketing. There is terminology which is no longer strange to me.

I also learnt how important it was to manage your time. No longer is University my full time occupier, I had work commitments. Over the course of the semester I found the discipline to commit two nights a week to study on top of life.

I also learnt that marketing might not be what I want to study. While i found it interesting it wasn’t exactly something that engaged me. I’m considering the internal debate if I should finish my Bachelor of Arts. It would be wonderful to finish but for the time that I spend, it won’t enhance my value in my career and industry.

At 65 years of age Colonel Sanders attempted to start a chicken business. At the time he was broke. With a recipe in hand he approached many business looking for a partner and time and time again he was knocked back. Eventually he did receive his opportunity and he went on to create KFC. Did he fail in his sales pitch while seeking a business partner? No, he was provided feedback on how to better present his offer to his next customer.

So did I fail, no… what I was provided was feedback on how to juggle career and study.


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