A Healthy 2012

This article is brought to you by Pete Brown.

Pete is a personal trainer and has competed in natural bodybuilding competitions for the last three years. His vision is to live in a world in which people are healthy and live long happy lives. He is inspired to work in an organization that  truly believed in the healthy fitness programs they delievered with the sole purpose of helping the community.  Through his natural bodybuilding he is able to practice what he teaches.

With 2012 approaching have you set your goals?

Is a fitness goal incorporated into your goals?

Is it a healthy goal?

In the end what is fitness without health?

The reason I ask if the goal is healthy is most people forget that health can be lost in the quest of a fitness goal.

Many people will find a program or a diet off the Internet to follow and in most cases these diets/programs are extreme, written up by athletes for athletes. Other people will take the advice of a personal trainer thinking they re-doing the right thing, the problem here is unfortunately there are many personal trainers out there who will do the same as you. They will jump on the internet find a good-looking program and diet then give it to you.

These programs tend to look good on paper. They look like hard work, have lots of exercises and the diets are calculated precisely to the last calorie. Cutting carbs eating more protein blah blah blah!

Sounds good doesn’t it? In the short-term you may achieve something but it will require a lot of time, effort and sometimes even money. It will take a toll on relationships, careers and in the end your health.

The quest for optimal health and a good-looking body should in fact enhance your life. Not make you feel tired and cranky. Achieving optimum health should be the base and structure for you to go on and achieve in every area of life.

Below I will outline my tips to a healthier 2012;

  1. More is less – 3 – 6 hours are required in the gym a week to provide great results. This will mean per session the maximum time you should spend is 1 hour, ideally you should be in and out in 45 mins
  2. Base your program around your weights – A healthy training program is based on intense weight training. Intense cardio fits into the program on your days with no weight training. Muscle drives your metabolism and is the one determining factor when it comes to losing fat and keeping fat off.
  3. Intensity – you cannot workout with intensity for long periods of time, lift heavy with low reps and low sets. Perform your cardio hard and fast in 20 – 30  minutes. Interval training is the best style of cardio in this instance.
  4. Match your nutrition to your training – most people restrict calories and increase training. Unsustainable! Instead the more you train the more you should eat.
  5. Eat the right foods – Tying in with point 4, no one ever got fat from eating fruit, vegetables, meat, poultry, fish, beans, lentils, seeds, milk, yogurt, and unprocessed grains. Eat a variety of these foods to ensure the body gets all of it nutrients.
  6. The big one! Forget calories! I could go on about this but I’ll put it shortly.

Your body does not crave calories! It craves nutrients. Ever wonder why you can eat cheese burgers (high calorie/low nutrient) till the cows come home.

Instead eat plenty of unprocessed foods six times a day, this type of food is (low calorie/high nutrient)

With these tips I hope you achieve health and fitness without sabotaging your relationship and career goal for 2012

NOTE – The above information i have gained through my mentor Dr Paul Cribb , he  has developed a program called ‘Metabolic Precision’ available for personal trainers to help their clients achieve great results efficiently. You can find further info at mp-body.com. I am a qualified level 2 Metabolic Precision transformation specialist .



  1. Great work Pete! Your a young man with the right mind set to make a big difference in this world! Keep up the hard work your an inspiration to many!

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