A Millionaire Mind with T Harv Eker

During the National Achievers Congress i was able to spend time with T Harv Eker. Eker is known for promoting his ‘Millionaire Mind’ book where he has been famously quoted that within five minutes he is able to predict your financial history using your financial blue print. A bold claim.

What is a financial blue print though?

T Harv Eker explains that we are all control by an inner blue print. Our attitude, values and beliefs control and restrict our perceptions and behaviours that control our end result.

“If you want to change the fruits, you need to change the roots”

Within my own coaching life i meet far too many people who are unhappy with what they have in life. Not happy with the position their career is in, the rewards aren’t big enough for someone like them or they aren’t as healthy as they might like. Money and health are only results…

“If your life isn’t where you want it to be that is because it is a result of you… So change you”

Our minds are a powerful tool. It controls every part of our body without thought, we can place it under amazing pressure and how we use it will shape our destiny.

Thoughts -> Feelings -> Actions -> Results

If you want to change your results you first must change your thoughts and feeling. The inner conversations we have with ourselves are more powerful than the external conversations we have with our relationships.

Has there ever been a time where you have wanted to exercise, maybe before or after work and when it got to that time you talked yourself out? You even brought your gym bag!

Despite the inner conflict, did you win the battle? Sometimes you do and sometimes you don’t. If you did win did you convince yourself to just do 20 minutes but then found that you completed an entire session?

It’s amazing how your inner world will ultimately affect your outer world. Regardless if your goal is financial, spiritual, career, relationship or health related… If you want to bridge the gap between your present state and desired state you need to be able to influence your blue print (attitude, values and beliefs).

Anthony Robbins mentions in his book ‘Awaken The Giant Within‘ that when it snows many people complain and stay inside to avoid the cold but some people grab their snowboard and hit the slops. It is all about perception and perception will directly control your outer world.


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