Just A Combo

A few months ago my Bulldogs Army and I went on a road trip north of Sydney to a country town of Tamworth. It is about a 5-6hr drive and in the close knit environment of a bus there was always going to be stories.

None stand out so strongly to me then when we took lunch in Cessnock at a highway diner. Burgers, chips, hot dogs and anything you could deep fry could be found on their menu. I identified the tropical burger as my deep fried meal of choice.

Along side of the menu was a series of combition meals which included chips and a drink. After a long trip on the road this sounded awesome so i ordered it… only to be told no.



How could this be? Every takeaway joint known to man has a combo option. They advertised a combination meal. I attempted to comprehend why I was denied a combo meal while dealing with the shock of being told no in a restaurant.

I was then told that there was no combination for the tropical burger and only selected burgers where found in this menu. I see. So i ordered the tropical burger on it’s own.

This happened during a time where the Global Financial Crisis was still keeping retailers nervous and every customer was important to survival.here was an opportunity to generate an additional $3+ from each customer but their inflexibility denied them that opportunity.

What shocked me the most was not the denial of my tropical burger combination but rather no alternate solution offered by the stsff member. No mention of adding a small chips and small drink (which is clearly what i wanted). Just a straight no.

Think about your business or organisation and the procedures you have in place to maxamise customer spend.

* Is it flexible enough to adapt to your unique customers?
* Can you offer a little more for a little less?
* Are customers offered an opporuntity to spend more?

Smart retailers entice their customere to spend more then they initially commited through offerings of smaller value near the end of the transaction (chocolates near the cash register in your local supermarket, McDonalds upsize after selecting your burger or a clothing store recommending a belt to go with your new pair of jeans) or by simply asking the customer for relatable products (phone case for your new phone or extended warranty for your new sunglasses).

Instead of stating a problem, offer a solution!


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