Being Bitten

If you work with customers there are a few constants no matter where you work. The one i want to focus on is rejection.

Whether you work in sales and customers reject your product directly or simply choosing similar product from a different provider… You are always going to have some customers not choose your product.

What seperates the professionals from the amatures is how you deal with rejection.

Currently our Bulldogs supporters group has been organising a bus to drive our fans to a game in Canberra (3hrs south of Sydney). Our members fit the bill for the trip so cost is an important factor in the decision so we shopped around a few bus companies for a quote.

One of the premium bus services’ quote was $200 more expensive then the company we chose, however; what happened next surprised me.

When my good friend Ali called back the premium service company to tell them we wouldn’t be going ahead with their quote he was bombarded. The company was disappointed in our decision because they drive the football players bus as well. They continued by accusing our choice of lying to us about their quoted price.


Not only has this company destroyed any chance of us changing our mind through a counter offer but they have damaged further opportunities through a poor experience.

So what can you learn from this companies mistakes?

Keep Your Cool
Rejection is never easy, however; it is difficult to remove negative perceptions held by customers. Take it on thr chin, thank your customer for considering your product/service and ask why they made their choice not to go ahead with you. This will allow you to find out the customers hot spot and negioate a counter offer.

Never Discredit Your Opposition
Even if you know your opposition has traps or hidden charges with their product it is important not to discredit your opposition. Words are powerful. Reinforce the features of your product and position your product with transperancy. If you do this you will be able to create doubt in your competitors without you saying it directly.

Business Is Long Term
The heart of every business decision is a relationship between the customer and the product or brand. Just because they didn’t make a purchase with you today doesn’t mean they won’t in the future. Consider business transactions as a long term relationship with your customer and you will ensure long term success.

Understand Your Customers Needs
The bus company in question kept referring to high quality service and justifying why there was a price gap. The problem was the mentioned featured no additional benefits to us so they remained as just features.

A business does’t go bankrupt over night, it happens one customer at a time…


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