Always Upsell

In the spirit of Boxing Day I went nuts.

I am not sure what it is like in your country, however;  if you live in Australia the best day after Christmas isn’t New Years… it’s Boxing Day. Each year the average Australia loses their mind and is willing to wait hours in line or in preparation for a store to open with hopes of snaring an amazing discount.

I entered Westfield Miranda a few hours after the doors opened and flirted with the idea of buying an iPad. I tossed, I turned, I was quoted prices, I “had a think about it” and finally I turned to my girlfriend Nicole and said “**** it, I’m going to buy an iPad”.

So I returned to the store, I hunted down the sales person who was dealing with me prior to getting cold feet, I picked up the iPad, I pulled out my credit card then walked out of the store with my new purchase but what I didn’t have was a case.

I just had spent $900 on a brand new piece of electronics yet I didn’t have protection for it. I looked at Nicole and asked “why didn’t he offer to sell me a case? I would have bought one”. I did buy an iPad case later that day but it was from another store (JB Hi-Fi) and I spend $70 on it too.

Imagine if  one person in your business up sold something like an iPad case each day… $70 x 7 days x 52 weeks =  $25,480.


If you are a business owner and you are reading this, what could you do with that extra money? Another holiday, staff incentives, refit the store, upgrade your systems and devices?

If you are an employee to a business, if you generated that additional money… do you think you could hit your boss up for a healthy raise?

Now would you agree that the iPad case is an up sell that I might like?

It wasn’t a million add on’s to the purchase of a new car that would boost the commission… the case was something of value which would have had the my (the customer) interests at heart. Think of McDonalds when they ask if you want to upgrade your meal. They are able to offer you a little bit more for a little bit less. If you are still hungry after your McChicken meal it is going to cost you $2 for an apple pie or another drink is like $2.50 BUT for another 50c I can turn your small meal into a medium.

An 64GB Wi-Fi iPad is selling for $879, extended warranties are worth ____ and an iPad case is worth another $50-70. Bundle it all together and I can do it for $950. Sounds like a great deal? Absolutely because I am getting a little bit more and it is costing me a little bit less then if I was go to out an purchase each of those items separately.

A common response I receive when I ask sales people why they didn’t up sell was because “they didn’t want to be too pushy” and that “I didn’t think they wanted/needed it” to which I always respond “how did you know if you didn’t ask?” Let me give you an example of how this iPad situation could have been handled better without being ‘pushy’;

**After selecting the suitable iPad**

iPad Agent – Do you have a case for your iPad already?

Me – No

iPad Agent – Well you would want to ensure that it doesn’t get damaged. Let me show you our cases…

How hard was that?

If someone in your work place asked a question like that once a day you would bring in thousands in revenue and keep your work place financially secure.



  1. Totally agree Anthony.

    In the coffee industry when someone asks for a sit in coffee you simply ask “would like a biscuit or desert to have also?”. It”s a very simply question with out begin pushy.

    It might work 1 out of every 10 customers but that’s about $15 extra per day that you wouldn’t have if you didn’t ask. $75 a week (5 days) and $3900 a year.

    1. In all my time visiting cafes I don’t think I have ever been offered something to eat with my coffee on a takeaway order. I’m a sucker for banana bread so I’d probably take the offer 30% off the time.

      Even asking if they would like a shot of vanilla or caramel costing 50c will bring in more revenue and there could be a heap of customers out there looking for a new taste.

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