Your 2011 Starts Now!

Welcome to 2011.

I noticed a Facebook trend as we moved from 2010 to 2011 and that was 2010 ‘sucked’. I was honestly surprised on how many people were unhappy with 2010 because it was uneventful but my 2010 was quiet the opposite;

  • I paid off my student loan
  • I was promoted to a National role over looking two giant blue chip companies
  • I took holidays overseas with my girlfriend and a few mates for 30 days
  • I raised $3,000+ in charity funds
  • I improved my skill set and attended a two day seminar with Anthony Robbins and Sir Richard Branson
  • Along side a fantastic team was able to have many wins with the Bulldogs Army
  • I took up boxing, improved my diet and shed about 5kgs

I am sure there is a lot more to cover but these are the ones that come to mind.

I don’t believe in having good years and bad years. Each year is filled with a combination of victories and lessons from daily events and as long as you are learning each day I believe you are on a path to success.


So let us talk about 2011.

I expect 2011 to be better then 2010. Why? Because Everything I have learnt, every relationship I have built and every skill I have acquired up until this point will enable me to move forward and YOU will do the same. If you want to.

Below I am going to share a piece of work from my favourite Life Coach. I found his ‘Power of Momentium’ highly useful in 2006 and I encourage you to reflect and take the time to follow it too. If you like what you read I implore you to check out his four day workshop in March – Unleash The Power Within.


T H E  P O W E R  O F  M O M E N T U M
S E V E N S T E P S  T O  A  F U L F I L L I N G 2 0 0 6

Pending reproduction approval as of 04/01/2011.


Did you know that 95% of the people who set New Year’s resolutions never followthrough? The reason is that most people don’t understand the process of how to producelasting results—and they never take the first steps. The following process will walk youthrough how to get started and create the momentum that will drive you to follow through. Bydoing it, you will gain clarity about where you’ve been, where you are now, and where you wantto go. It will also help you create a simple plan to set up your new year so that it truly compels,excites, and drives you.

  1. Get Clear
  2. Get Certain
  3. Get Excited
  4. Get Focused
  5. Get Committed
  6. Get Momentum
  7. Get Smart


To begin, you must first gain clarity about where you really are now…

1. What did you love in 2010?

What were some of your Magic Moments?

What was magical and extraordinary?

What did you accomplish in 2010?

What are some of the things from 2010 that you want to duplicate in 2011?

What did you hate in 2010?

What was challenging this past year?

What do you not want to have happen again?

What did you learn by going through these experiences?

Why were they incredibly valuable?

What decisions did you make in 2010 that wereempowering for you?

What were some of the most important decisions of thisyear for you?

What decisions might you make next year as a result?



Once you know where you are, you need to create certainty aboutyour capacity to take anything you can dream about and make it real.

1. Write down anything in your life that was once merely just agoal, dream, or desire. What are some of the big and little thingsthat at one time seemed extremely difficult or impossible toachieve or acquire?

2. Circle the two or three items on your list that seemed the mostdifficult or impossible to achieve.

3. For the two or three items you circled, write down the steps youwent through to turn each one of them into reality. You maynot have done it consciously, but it’s likely something stimulatedyou to want them — so much so that it may have become a magnificentobsession for you. Then, did you focus on it continuously?Put a lot of emotional charge into it? Then what? Did youactually create a plan? What were the steps you went through?



Now that you are clear about where you’ve been, and you have certaintyabout your ability to make your goals and dreams real, it’s timeto decide where you want to go…

1. In a peak state, write down every goal you think you’d like toaccomplish in the next 20 years. Be sure to include ANYTHING you want to do, be, share, create, have, give. Include financial goals,personal development goals, physical goals, relationship goals, contributiongoals—anything you’d like to learn, enjoy, or do. No matterhow silly or outrageous it may seem, this is your chance to dreamwithout limits. Be sure to keep your pen moving as fast as possible!

2. When you are finished, go through your list and next to eachitem, write down the number of years you want it to take (orbelieve it will take) to achieve your goal (write 1 year, 2-3 years,5 years, 10 years, or 20 years).



1. Out of your list of goals (from step 3), circle your top four oneyeargoals. Out of your entire list, what do you want most? Whatare the top four goals that, if you could achieve them this year,would get you up early and keep you up late with excitement?



1. For each of your top four one-year goals, write a paragraphabout why they are ‘musts’ for you to achieve them. What arethe reasons you absolutely will achieve this no matter what?Remember, reasons come first, answers come second! Why do you wan to do this?

2. What are some of the things that you may need to do that youdon’t want to do in order to achieve these goals? If you haveenough passion, you can get yourself to do anything, but first you must be certain about what “anything” might entail. Let’s lookthe tiger in the eye!


Never leave the site of setting a goal without taking some actiontoward its attainment. You must take immediate action.

1. Decide now: What is one small thing that you will do immediately toward achieving one of your top goals (e.g.,making a phone call, booking a meeting, researching on theinternet, signing up for a seminar, getting a coach, etc.)?

2. What is one big thing that you resolve to do immediately toachieve this goal (e.g., making a decision, throwing out all theunhealthy food in your house right now, giving somethingaway, etc.)?



To make sure you follow through, you have to get smart and measureyourself consistently. Remember, most people set some NewYear’s goals, have no plan or direction, take no action, and thenmeasure again next New Year’s! The more you measure somethingthe better it gets. You must resolve now to measure your specificprogress daily, or at least weekly.


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